To sit quietly in a birth room is to witness a women discover her vast inner strength 


Everyone leaves changed

Meet Lena

Certified Direct Entry Midwife

Sometimes the only opportunity we get as women, to see just how powerful we really are, is in the birth room. This sacred space has been my home and continuing education for more than a decade as I've born witness to hundreds of women, roaring life into the world. 

When I'm not waxing poetic about the beauty that is a woman in fullness of labor, I enjoy life with my partner and two kids, all of whom are amazing humans. You can usually find us in our tiny house, playing the bluegrass music, and planning our next adventure.


I'm also the person behind Motherled Birth, a childbirth education series, with the most amazing birth affirmation card sets, etsy.com/shop/motherledbirth

Meet Stormy

Certified professional midwife, Registered nurse

All of Stormy's amazing bio that she had to send me so I can make the site live for Evergreen. No pressure. Okay, a little pressure.  But like just the right amount. xoxo


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