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Certified Direct Entry Midwife

Sometimes the only opportunity we get as women, to see just how powerful we really are, is in the birth room. This sacred space has been my home and continuing education for the past decade as I've born witness to hundreds of women, roaring life into the world. 

I see pregnancy and birth as a time of amazing transition. Not only do you have the opportunity to birth your baby, but this transition offers a time to re-birth yourself. To heal past wounds, your maternal lineage, and move forward into your own motherhood with a renewed send of self love and awe. To learn how to mother ourselves as we learn how to mother our babies.

Because of the richness of the style of midwifery I practice, I only take on 2 clients per month. Years of a very busy practice taught me the joy of a slow pace and deeper connection. If I'm already booked for the month you are due, consider scheduling with me for EFT/Tapping and referencing my recommended provider list for another wonderful midwife. 

When I'm not waxing poetic about the beauty that is a woman in fullness of labor, I enjoy life with my two children, Ayla & Kaya. In our tiny house, playing the banjo, and planning our next adventure.


I'm also the person behind Motherled Birth, a childbirth education series,, with the most amazing birth affirmation card sets,

I also own The Cottage, Women & Wellness, a beautiful birth center and cooperative practitioner clinic. Learn more at 

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